This is a very common question we’re asked during the course of a project so we thought we would give you some advice and tips on where you may want to consider uploading a video you have recently had produced.

The most common location for a website video is the home page. An interesting study in 2009 by VideoBloom, a video advertising service found that approx. 51% of companies surveyed said that they had a video on their home page whilst 79% of them said that they had video on their site somewhere (Check out a related post on how different companies and sector use online video).

Adding a video to your home page makes sense if the nature and message of the video is generic. For example a video with instructions on using your website or a corporate showreel are good examples of videos which warrant home page inclusion.

However, if your budget only allows for one video, then there may be other areas of your website where a video may help you bring a better Return on Investment (ROI):

For example, if you are in the construction industry and your company has recently launched an innovative range of products, you may wish to market them via a Product Video which clearly demonstrates your product’s benefits and features. Whilst you may consider including a link to the video from your home page, in terms of its overall impact, it would make more sense to place the product video on a dedicated product page within your website (say, under “Products”).

Another example is a signup page. If your business model entails getting users to signup for a membership, then your Signup page or “How it works” page is potentially more important in generating a ROI than your home page. A video explaining how your service works would be better suited on the Signup or “How it works” page than home page. Of course, as mentioned above, you can and perhaps, should, include a link to the video from your home page.

One final example is Video Testimonials. We just love these because they work so well in generating user confidence and improving conversion rates. Adding a video testimonial to a “Testimonials” page is a far better solution than placing them on the home page (here’s a great example of a Video Testimonial page).