If you’re a startup agency in the creative field, finding new customers and getting existing customers to buy from you is a crucial business skill that you need to acquire and master.

A common challenge that entrepreneurs, especially of the creative ‘types’ face is that whilst they may be extremely skilled in  their own trade, they may not have the necessary expertise to grow the business in areas such as sales, business development, marketing and the like.

And, this is where the help of a business coach can prove extremely valuable.

Just as a life coach can help you with any areas of development in your personal life whether that’s in your relationships or career advice or finding your passion, a business coach can help you with the various aspects of creating a thriving business. Here are some of the benefits of working with a business coach.

More time for what you enjoy and are best at

As discussed above, a common challenge that creative entrepreneurs face is that they just don’t have the time or inclination to spend time on areas of the business that although are very important, can often prove mundane such as accounting, finance, how to grow the business and so on.

If you have a business coach by your side, luckily you have access to an immensely valuable resource that can not only help you with all of these areas but depending on your arrangement, can also go as far as creating a road map as well as help with the implementation.

Avoiding the ‘Jack-of-all’ syndrome

This is especially applicable to single-person businesses where the majority if not all of the work is carried out by one person.
Whilst we fully understand that the start-up phases of a business can be very challenging and budget and cash flow is often tight, the one negative side-effect of going it alone and doing everything yourself is you don’t often have the time to do anything well.
We all have certain strengths and skills and we can often produce the greatest results when we’re focusing primarily on what we’re best at.

A business coach can help you achieve precisely this. By allowing you to carry out the task(s) you’re best at whilst your coach focuses on the business development and management side of things, a subject that your coach should know very well, you can collectively produce much better results and output.

Growing the business

There’s countless studies available on the longevity of businesses and a stat that creeps up consistently is that the majority will go out of business within the first 3 years of its existence. It’s no secret that growing a business is no easy task and with the help of a skilled business coach you can reduce the odds of becoming a part of that statistic.

A business coach can help you identify areas of growth, opportunities for launching new products or services, advice on your market positioning and branding and much more. The sum effect of all that is to allow your business to thrive and get it to the position that you dream off.