We’re often asked by clients if they can send us footage they captured on their camera phone and use it in the video we are producing for them. The answer (unfortunately) is yes and no.

If you have recorded video from your phone, you’ll know that no matter how advanced or new your phone is, the video recording quality can’t compare to that from a industry level camera designed to be used for professional purposes. No amount of post-production is going to change this.

We usually like to see the footage before we can comment and take a call based on the context of the video we are producing. In many cases, if the video style is relaxed or humorous, then we are able to take certain clips from the camera phone recording and use it within our production. For example, a “Day in the life of Martin” (where Martin is an account manager working in your company) production could allow us to incorporate some footage from your camera phone as its likely that style of the said video is going to be relaxed and perhaps, even fun if you are going for its potential viral effect.

However, if we are producing a video presentation on your company, where the video is aimed to attract the interest of senior buyers and decision makers from your target market, its likely that the look and feel of the video is going to be “corporate”. In such a case, there’s a good chance that using camera phone recordings may limit the quality or impact of the end product.

Its always a good idea to send us the footage so we can take a closer look and advise what is and isn’t possible. In some cases, we find clients having video content on their phone that can’t be easily reproduced in which case we usually find a way to include it seamlessly.

If in doubt, feel free to send us the footage.