Since the attack on Google from Microsoft last month through their viral video, quite a buzz has been created on blog sites and within the media on the feud. If you have not had a chance to view the two minute viral video, it slanders Google’s privacy issues in efforts to endorse their new Office 365 service in a very satirical and humorous way. The video shows a hilariously arrogant Google docs salesman trying to convince an executive to switch their organisation over . The film begins with the salesman being so confident he is one hour late to the appointment with the executive and after which he falls under questioning on specfications on the software and wether it can be used in areas where there is no internet connection. The video is paradying a daytime american soap opera with its use of constant soft lighting and RnB music for its theme song as well as in the video itself.

Microsoft were very clever in the construction of the video has a very light hearted feel to it through all the filmic elements chosen and style. However the gloves came off in this video and they left no stone unturned about the mockery of their core branding , arrogance in attitude, privacy issues to customers and failure in their technology . All of these elements are very serious issues to to with a company however the style was in such a humeruous way so that if google comes back with another vidoe in response (which it is expected to) and slanders Microsoft too much it will be seen as taking a joke too seriously.

Viral videos being used as a way of attacking a rival company is something very new and raises new questions. These include the productivity of this for a business in attaining new clients as well as maintaining its integrity and therefore its reputation. Viral video’s and online video’s in general do not have the same limitations as billboard and television advertising when deciding to attack a competing company as the internet is not censored in the same way. Meaning that when a company decides to use viral videos as a weapon they can really go for it in terms of directly referencing another brand and even using its logo within the video! Soon we might see medium to small companies copying the large corporations and attacking their competitors in all industries in a similar way.