If you are new to the world of online business, you are bound to ask yourself, “How can I get my website appear on top search results on some of the powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?” You may also do research to find out the various methods.

After several hours of hard work and understanding the strategy for success you can see the traffic flow and visitors coming to your site. However, you need to think what happens after they land on your website. Would they leave your site immediately within 10-15 seconds or are they going to stay for a long time?

You can optimize your website by adding some videos on your site. There are basically two types of videos, live and animated, and there are some steps that need to be followed depending on the type of video that you are planning to use.

The first question that you need to answer is how to keep people stay on your website for a longer time period? There are three best practices that can be executed if you are looking at retaining customers on your site. There is a great possibility to get the best from your video content that can make your visitors stay on your website. You can post interesting blogs that can be read by them or upload some whitepapers that can be accessed by them after they sign up for free on your website.


Customers are king and very important as far as your business is concerned. If your customers are happy, half your dream target is achieved. All your potential customers would love to listen from other people who have used your product or service. So, it is important to have some reviews and feedback posted on your site. It is important to choose the right type of customers that can be interviewed.

Types of customers that can be interviewed

• Select 3-4 customers

• Select each customer from a different background

• Choose each customer from company that are of different size like medium, small and large. You should certainly do this in case your target segment belongs to these different industries.

• Make sure you select each customer who are in different positions in the company, like one from the managerial level, one from VP level, and one CEO

The main reason behind including customers from various industries and rank is to show your target audience about your service and products and its versatility. This can display that your product or service is not applicable to a particular segment of the society.

While creating the testimonials it is important to make each person highlight the important aspect of how your service or product has helped their company grow and how it helped them establish themselves in that industry.

The following are some important points that should be covered in the testimonials in order to make other potential customers pay more attention to your website.

• A brief description of how they used your service or product for themselves and for all their team members.

• They should also describe how the whitepapers, blogs and newsletters helped their business grow.

• The number of meetings they had with your team, either daily or monthly basis.

• They can also mention about following your company on social media sites like Facebook and twitter and how it has helped them in their business.

No matter how many interactions happen, make sure there are pop outs and call for action, where visitors can click and land on the referenced spot on your website in order to learn more.

Highlighting your service and products

At times you may find it very awkward to showcase about yourself too much, but you should not hesitate to do so. If you are looking at great results and want to retain the clients on your site it is important to position your services and products as tools that are going to be extremely helpful in your videos. This can help you explain the problem you solve and the value it can bring to your customers. They will get a better idea of how all your services and products can work together in order to create that positive experience for your customers.

Importance to your team

Select some members of your team and or if possible all of them, in the limelight. They can explain to your target audience why they like what they do. You may still wonder how all this can be possible although it sounds great.

When you are planning to expose your team to your target audience there are some points that you need to take into consideration. This can help in the non-stop flow of web traffic.

• The team’s explanation: The team has to explain their job and this has to be personalized a bit for people to gain trust and give them a feel that they are not listening to the stranger.

• Description of their work- They need to explain if they are actually a part of the sales team. A CTA pop out material can be developed in order to help the customers understand the whole process. In case they do not have one, there is no need to worry. They can just identify one question they are likely to hear from the potential customer and then use a CTA pop out to create a relation between your question to the service or product you offer.

• Explaining how their work helps your product/service: Do they write blogs? You can have a CTA pop out for your blogs once you make your point clear.

The main idea behind involving your team in all the videos is to give the dimension and also personalize your brand. When you have different employees speak about your services and products, the target audience will get a chance to hear from not one source but multiple sources. It is important for you to remember that there are different ways to create a successful video; and the main idea is to find out what suits your business the best.