Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Corporate Video Production services.

‘Video and production’ can take care of every aspect of the production process fromthe conceptual stages to the finished product, that will be produced and delivered toyou on a DVD or Blu-ray. We deal with all areas of pre-production (developing theconcept and creating a storyboard and script), production (Filmmaking) and postproduction(editing, voice over narration and CGI animation)
No, the price we give you for production is all you will have to pay us. There are noadditional charges for use on any platform you decide to put this on after we haveproduced the film for you.
We can offer you a custom composed piece of music fitting for your brand,created byone of our professional producers. We can also offer you a cheaper option of a choiceof various tracks where you can then select which one you would prefer to usewithin the video.
This question depends on the type of video you are requiring. For simpler projectssuch as event videography this is filmed and edited within one week. However if yourequire the creation of a concept to the completed product, this can take up to aslong as four weeks from your commission until you have the final edit on a DVD format.
If the video is for broadcast use, any person featured prominently must have givenpermission stating they are happy to be featured on the video. For this you willneed these persons to sign contracts saying this is fine. We can provide you withcontracts needed for people to sign, to help you with this issue. If it is not forbroadcast use this is not as important although it is good practice to tell everyoneyou are filming the event beforehand so if they do not want to be featured they cantell yourselves or us.

If there’s something we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to call 0208 150 0294 or email