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What you need to do to get a video made for your website

Many businesses realize the importance of adding videos to their websites. Videos help differentiate your site from that of competitor and increase productivity. With plenty of content pushed to consumers every day, a well designed video enables your message to stand out and helps increase brand visibility. Videos can go viral quickly and allow you to connect with your potential customers in a very intimate manner. Studies show that an average user spends 88% more time on a website featuring video. The chance of visitors buying a product is 144% more after seeing a video. A web page with video has 53% more chance to get high page rank in Google.

There are many companies that can help you get a reasonably priced video for your website. You can also create videos for your website using the video creation tools available online.

Choosing a Company to Get a Video Made for Your Website

Before choosing a company to create video for your website, ensure that you have a plan of what you really want and what you can afford. It is worth to consider some important things, before you start searching for a video creating company.

• Identify the Purpose of Your Video

The first thing you need to do is to find out what type of video will be suitable for your company and product, why you want to create it and what would be the purpose of the video. Determine whether the goal of video making is to

» Advertise- Market or sell your product

» Generate Lead- An incentive along with instructions for sharing your information

» Educate- Give an introduction about your business to your customers, give product demonstrations, explain the procedures for using your product, product comparisons and step by step instructions
» Recall Brand- Display the special features of your product

» Entertain- Entertain your visitors

» Call for Action- Provide immediate benefits of using your product or service and a call to action

• Determine your Budget

The next important thing is to determine your budget. This helps you to choose the best packages. Nowadays, video production companies offer a range of packages that include scriptwriters, voiceovers and illustrators. You can choose any package that suits your need and budget.

• Determine Your Video Style

It is also important to think about what style of video you want. The purpose of the video plays a large role in determining the style. Some common video styles include

» Animated

An animated video is an ideal choice, if you want to tell a story. You can use some characters to show the benefits of using your product and troubles of not using it. Animated video helps your audience to relate to that character and understand the advantages of using your product or service.

» Screen Recorded Videos

Screen recorded videos refer to screen recordings. They run through the feature of your website, so your visitors can get a chance to see what it is about before signing up or downloading anything.

» Mobile Videos

You can choose mobile videos to show your potential customers how to us an app that you have created. They let you offer step by step instructions to your audience. They provide an excellent way to show how your app works before downloading or buying from you. They are more beneficial than showing screenshots alone.

Online videos are not as easy as changing a section of text on a website. Hence, it is important to plan well before you take any action.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Video Making Company

In order to get the best quality video made for your website, you need to choose the right company. Knowing which one is the best one can be tricky. Here are some questions to ask yourself while looking for a video making company.

• How creative are they?

You can get a great video made especially for your website, if the video production company needs to be creative enough for you. You can check out their website to ensure whether they can fulfill your expectation in terms of creativity.

• How impressive is their work?

While researching a video company, ensure to look at their portfolio. This can help you understand what type of videos they would be able to create. Also make sure the quality of video, style and flow are up to the mark.

• Is it easy to communicate with them?

When choosing a video production company to get a video made for your website, you need to ensure whether they can understand what you really want. If you have some special demands or want to talk to their professionals in person then ensure whether you will be able to do that. A good video production team is the one that includes you in the process of making a video for your website.

• Do they have any time constraints?

If you want to introduce a product or provide an offer to your customers, you need your video within a specific time. Ensure whether the company offers a quick turnaround. Also make sure whether they have experienced and knowledgeable team to spend enough time and dedication on your video. There are some best companies that offer quality videos on or before your deadline.

• Do they offer excellent service?

Before choosing a company, you need to make sure that you will get a complete package, which includes illustration, scriptwriting and music. This helps you get an assurance that a video will be created well. A good company carries out each step in a professional manner and ensures you to offer a perfect video for your website.

• Do they excite you?

A video production company needs to offer insight and they need to be able to promote excitement and motivation. An experienced company is able to offer you a lot of tips, advice and ideas for your project that you may not have thought about.

Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website

You can get a video made for you website in a cost effective manner, by creating on your own. If you decide to create a video for your website on your own, you need to first understand that it is not a simple task. It may present numerous challenges. Here are some useful tips to get started.

» Generate Content Before Creating Videos

Creating a quality video is crucial for creating a marketing impact and personalizing your website. The first step in making a video is to write down your content in a detailed script. If you know what you exactly want, you can create a great video without burning a hole in your wallet.

» Keep it Short

Your video should capture the attention of your audience immediately. No one will spend more time in a website, if the video takes too long to upload. Your video needs to be concise and convey your message as clearly and quickly as possible. A study shows that around 44% web video viewers turn away after a minute. If you think that your video needs to be longer than this, you can consider breaking it down into short, separate videos.

» Determine your Goals

Decide what result you want to achieve with your video- whether you want to appeal to your visitors over the competition, want to give instructions to your audience or want to give a face to your business. Deciding this can help you get a direction from which you can craft your content, stylize the video and edit it.

» Ensure Sufficient Lighting

Once your content is ready, you need to pay attention to details. Sufficient lighting is important to get a professional looking video made for your website. It helps project a sense of high quality. You can shoot your video outdoors on a sunny day. If you want indoor shooting, you can use halogen lamps to get ample light.

» Use the Right Hardware

You can get professional quality video equipment at cheaper prices now. Investing money in high quality gear can help you get the best results.

» Consider Creating More than One Version of Video

Creating more than one version of video can help personalize the video for your audiences with different interests.

» Production Quality

Production quality is important for capturing the attention of your targets. Quality includes both visual and audio aspects of the video. A decent microphone and a quite space are enough to get a professional sounding voiceover. It also includes the story line and the reliability of the presentation. High quality video presentations can help you create an impression in the minds of your targets that you are a committed business person.

» Use Editing and Encoding Programs

You can find programs online that help you to edit and encode your video projects. After encoding the video files, you can upload them to the website. You can either stream it so that it starts to play immediately or allow the user to download it and play from their computer.