Ok, now that you have added some videos to your website, what’s next?
To maximise the Return on Investment from your video, you want people to see it. The more the better. This short guide will explain some of the basics of carrying out SEO for your videos so Google can index and display it better.

Start with submitting a Video Sitemap

A Video Sitemap is just like a sitemap containing but instead of containing the list of your website pages, it has the list of videos on your site, their location(s) and some additional info (Learn more about video sitemaps here).

Submitting Video Sitemaps is good practice because it increases the chances of your video being indexed and shown for the correct search queries on Google.

Optimize the meta info of your video

The same way that you optimize the meta information of your website pages such as the page title and description, you should be doing the same for your videos. The title of your video should be descriptive and clearly explain the theme of the video. Remember to include the word “video” within the title tag – whilst Google is smart enough to separate videos from HTML (website pages), adding “video” as a word to your video title can increase your video’s ranking for the search terms you are targeting, especially if users have included the word “video” in their search query.

Optimize your video’s file name

If you have had a video professionally produced, chances are that your video production company has given the file name of your video the name of your company (and perhaps a suffix). You can easily change this to something more descriptive. For example, if it’s a video about MS Office, its better to have msoffice.mp4 than Microsoft.mp4.

Entice people to click the play button!

Choose an appropriate image for the static thumbnail of your video (what users see before they hit the play button). For example, if the video is a corporate showreel about your company, rather than placing your company logo as the image thumbnail, an image of your team or something else which is unique may well encourage more visitors to view the video. The thumbnail you select doesn’t have to even be a part of the video.